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Cold Coffee

cold coffee

Classic Cold Coffee

Classic Cold Coffee A simple and traditional cold coffee made with chilled brewed coffee, milk, and sugar, often served over ice. Price : 220/- order now

Mocha cold coffee

Mocha Cold Coffee

Mocha Cold Coffee A delightful combination of cold coffee and chocolate, typically made with espresso, chocolate syrup, milk, and ice. Price : 220/- order now

Double choclate cold coffee

Double Chocolate Blend

Double Chocolate Blend A rich and indulgent cold coffee blend featuring double the chocolate flavor, often made with chocolate milk or cocoa in addition to regular coffee. Price : 230/- order now

caramel cold coffe

Caramel Cold Coffee

Caramel Cold Coffee A sweet and creamy cold coffee with caramel syrup, providing a smooth and slightly buttery flavor. Price : 230/- order now

Hazzlenut cold coffee

Hazelnut Cold Coffee

Hazelnut Cold Coffee A cold coffee infused with the nutty essence of hazelnut, commonly prepared with hazelnut syrup, coffee, and milk. Price : 230/- order now

Brownie blend cold coffee

Browine Blend

Browine Blend A coffee blend designed to evoke the flavors of a brownie, typically with notes of chocolate and a touch of sweetness, making it a decadent choice for coffee lovers. Price : 230/- order now

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