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Special Coffee

Dry pistachio cappuccino

Dry Pistachio Cappuchino

Dry Pistachio Cappuchino A cappuccino with a nutty twist, usually made with pistachio syrup, espresso, and a balanced mixture of steamed milk and milk foam Prices : 230 /- order now

Dry almond Cappuccino

Dry Almond Cappuchino

Dry Almond Cappuchino A cappuccino infused with almond flavor, typically prepared with almond syrup, espresso, and a mix of steamed milk and milk foam. Prices : 230 /- order now

La-vein rose cappucino

La-Vien Rose Cappuchino

La-Vien Rose Cappuchino A cappuccino featuring a floral note, usually prepared with rose syrup, espresso, and a combination of steamed milk and milk foam, offering a unique and aromatic taste. Prices : 220/- order now

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