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Stuffed Buns

Korean Garlic Bun

Korean Garlic Bun A tender bun brimming with a delectable blend of buttery garlic, melted cheese, and fragrant herbs.Flavour : Korean Garlic Egg/Eggless : Eggless Price : 135/- order now

korean garlic bun - bakelore 01-min

Chicken 65 Bun

Chicken 65 Bun Soft bun filled with the tantalizing flavors of Hyderabadi Chicken 65Flavour : Chicken 65 Egg/Eggless : Egg Price : 130/- order now

Gobi 65 bun

Gobi 65 Bun

Gobi 65 Bun Soft bun filled with the delightful taste of Hyderabadi Gobi 65, offering a spicy and flavorful vegetarian twistFlavour :Gobi 65 Egg/Eggless : Eggless Price : 120/- order now

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