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Peri Peri Chicken Croissant

Peri Peri chicken Croissant

Peri Peri Chicken Croissant Tender peri peri chicken strips paired with tangy tandoori mayo,fresh tomato slices, and crisp lettuce,all nestled within a flaky croissant. Flavour :Peri Peri Chicken Egg/Eggless : Eggless Price : 240/- order now

Tandoori Chicken Wrap

Tandoori Chicken wrap Tender tandoori chicken strips, fresh lettuce, tomato slices, and onion rings, all wrapped in a soft tortilla and topped with creamy mayo and zesty ketchup. Flavour :Tandoori Chicken  Egg or Egg-less : Egg Price : 220/- order now

Paneer Makhani wrap

Paneer Makhani Wrap

Paneer Makhani wrap A delightful fusion of flavours featuring : Paneer Makhani,Mayonnaise, Lattuce, Tamato, Onion, jalapeno & Cheese.Flavour : Paneer Makhani Egg or Egg-less : Eggless Price : 160/- order now

Almond croissants

Almond Crossaint

Almond Croissant A flaky pastry delight with a generous layer of almond paste on top, finished with delicate almond flakes for an exquisite with a nutty twist. Flavour : Almond Croissant Egg/Eggless : Egg Price : 160/- order now

Chicken supreme Burger

Chicken supreme Burger

Chicken Supreme Burger A Simple yet delicious combination of ingredients . Shredded Chicken,Tamato,Onion & Mayannaise.Flavour : Chicken Supreme Burger Egg/Eggless : Egg Price : 210/- order now

Tandoori Paneer burger

Tandoori paneer Burger

Tandoori Paneer burger Aloo tikki patty nestled between soft burger buns,adorned with creamy mayonnaise and tangy tomato ketchup,topped with crisp Bionda lettuce,juicy tomato slices,and a slice of melted cheese. Flavour :Tandoori Paneer burger Egg/Eggless : Eggless Price : 200/- order now

Masala cheese veg pav sandwitch

Masala cheese Veg Pav Sandwich

Masala cheese Veg Pav Sandwich Fusion of spicy masala vegetables and creamy cheese nestled between soft pav rolls,complemented with mint chutney and tamoto ketchup.Flavour : Masala cheese Veg Pav Sandwich Egg/Eggless : Veg Price : 160/- order now

chicken nuggets zinger wrap

Chicken Nuggets Zinger Wrap

Chicken Nuggets Zinger Wrap A flavorful combination of crispy chicken nuggets wrapped in a soft tortilla, with a zesty zinger sauce for an extra kick.Flavour : Chicken Nuggets Zinger Wrap Egg or Egg-less : Egg Price : 220/- order now

Signature Falafal wrap

Signature Falafel Wrap

Signature Falafel Wrap Eaturing crispy falafel nestled in a soft tortilla with refreshing iceberg lettuce, juicy tomato and cucumber slices, and tangy gherkins. Finished with creamy garlic mayo and tahina sauce Flavour : Signature Falafel Wrap Egg or Egg-less : Vgg Price : 190/- order now

Chicken tikka Wrap

Chicken tikka Wrap

Chicken tikka Wrap Succulent pieces of chicken tikka wrapped in a warm tortilla, bursting with aromatic spices and served with tangy saucesFlavour : Chicken tikka Wrap Egg or Egg-less : Egg Price : 230/- order now

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